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Code offers pre-assembled, fully wired and certified enclosures. We can assist in the design and quotation for a number of applications; distribution, service entrance, lighting control, pump control, motor control or as a midrun disconnection point. We offer one offs and are able to take on complete projects. All products use fully listed components and are shipped from factory CSA or ETL listed as an assembly. We can quote from engineered designs or work with you to find a custom solution.
RATINGS: CSA Certified 3R Enclosure & SPE-1000 inspection included
β€’ CSA construction
β€’ Built from your choice of material
β€’ Aluminum, steel or stainless
β€’ Various finishes to choose from
β€’ Free-standing or wall mounted applications
β€’ Brands are interchangeable to match your specification
β€’ Custom sizes
β€’ Custom material
β€’ Custom layout (subject to approval)