3 Phase Distribution Kiosk Aluminum CSA 3R

Category: Category: Populated Kiosk

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3Ø, 120/240V distribution kiosk used to supplement an existing service. Designed to add a point of disconnect separate from the main service. Full dead front covers and connections included for ease of installation. Suggested use: parking lots, playing fields, etc.
RATINGS: CSA Certified 3R Enclosure
β€’ Fully welded CSA construction
β€’ Build from Marine Grade Aluminum
β€’ Designed for Pad Mount Applications
β€’ Stainless Steel 3-Point Handle c/w Dual Padlock
β€’ Terminal blocks for customer connection
β€’ 25 kA rated main breaker
β€’ Dead front/touch safe interior
β€’ Expansion space for additional controls/devices
β€’ Custom size enclosures
β€’ Custom colour powder coating
β€’ Different distribution ratings
β€’ Convenience receptacle
β€’ Light fixture
β€’ Climate control
β€’ Meter base
β€’ Insulation