Load Saver

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The Load Saver is a safe and reliable load management device that can help offset loads on your fully
loaded electrical panel and create space for new appliances to be connected, without having to
upgrade the electrical service.
Identify an electrical load in your home that is non-essential. Install a Load Saver to have the loading
value of this appliance deducted from the electrical load calculations.
A new appliance with the same (lower) amperage value can now be installed onto the electrical panel
to utilize the spare power that has been made available.
− Steel CSA 4/12 Enclosure
− Hinged
− 1/4 turn locking
− Powder Coated ASA61 Grey
− Outdoor and Indoor applications
− Certified Assembly
− Backpan
− Amperage Appropriate Contactor
− Field Adjustable Trip Point
− Labeled Connection Points and Terminal Blocks
− Automatic switching between essential/nonessential loads