CT Cabinet Galvanized Steel CSA 1 (1200 to 1600amp)

Category: Category: BC Hydro, Fortis & Utility

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This CT cabinet is used when a 1200A – 1600A, 3Ø service is being installed but switchgear is not being used. It includes the busing and provisions required for BC Hydro’s CT, PT and meter tie in. Designed to separate BC Hydro and Customer Access.Designed and built to comply with the latest BC Hydro distribution standards and therefore acceptable by BC Hydro for connection to the BC Hydro distribution system.
RATINGS: CSA Certified 1 Enclosure
• Indoor rated galvanized steel enclosure
• Backpan
• 1200A /1600A rated copper bus punched to install CTs
• Bracket for PT mounting
• BC Hydro sealing provisions
• Inner barrier
• Custom sizes
• Custom material
• Custom layout (subject to approval)
• Special inspection
• Made to order
*CTs and PTs are not included, they are shown for reference. They are provided by BC Hydro.